Google Ad Manager: How to get Google Manage Account and Manage Inventory Account?

Google’s Manage Account is a powerful tool that provides advertisers and agencies with a centralized platform to efficiently manage multiple Google Ads accounts. With features designed to simplify account organization, streamline workflows, and gain valuable insights, Google’s Manage Account empowers advertisers to optimize their advertising campaigns and achieve greater success. In this blog, we will explore the key features and benefits of Google’s Manage Account, highlighting how it enhances advertising strategies for businesses of all sizes.


What is Google’s Manage Account?

Google’s Manage Account is a unified platform that allows advertisers to access and manage multiple Google Ads accounts from a single interface. Whether you’re an agency handling multiple client accounts or a business owner overseeing different ad campaigns, Manage Account simplifies the process of monitoring performance, making adjustments, and analyzing results.


Key Features and Benefits of Google’s Manage Account:

1. Centralized Account Management:

Manage Account provides a centralized hub that consolidates all your Google Ads accounts, eliminating the need to switch between different accounts or logins. This unified view saves time and ensures seamless account navigation.


2. Simplified Access and Permissions:

For agencies managing multiple client accounts, Google’s Manage Account simplifies access management. Users can assign specific roles and permissions to team members, granting them controlled access to relevant accounts and features.


3. Cross-Account Insights:

The platform offers a holistic view of performance across all linked accounts. Advertisers can analyze data, spot trends, and identify areas for improvement, allowing for data-driven decision-making and campaign optimization.


4. Efficient Budget Management:

With Manage Account, advertisers can allocate budgets across different accounts effortlessly. The platform’s budget management tools ensure that campaigns are adequately funded to meet advertising objectives.


5. Seamless Reporting:

Manage Account streamlines reporting by enabling advertisers to create custom reports for multiple accounts in one go. The reporting feature provides a comprehensive overview of performance metrics, simplifying client reporting for agencies.


6. Campaign Performance Optimization:

Advertisers can apply adjustments, optimizations, and automated rules across multiple accounts simultaneously, saving time and effort. The ability to apply changes at scale ensures consistent performance improvements across all campaigns.


7. Automated Insights and Recommendations:

Google’s Manage Account leverages machine learning to provide automated insights and recommendations for campaign optimization. These suggestions are based on performance data and best practices, aiding advertisers in making informed decisions.


Getting Started with Google’s Manage Account:

1. Linking Google Ads Accounts:

To get started, advertisers need to link their Google Ads accounts to the central manager account within the Google Ads interface. Once linked, advertisers can easily switch between accounts within the Manage Account platform.


2. Accessing the Manager Account:

Advertisers can access the Manage Account platform by logging in with their Google Ads credentials. From the “Accounts” tab, they can view and navigate between linked accounts, set permissions, and access reporting and optimization tools.


3. Setting Up Permissions:

For agencies managing multiple client accounts, setting up the appropriate permissions is crucial. Assign roles to team members based on their responsibilities and the level of access required.



Google’s Manage Account offers advertisers and agencies a powerful tool to streamline account management, optimize campaigns, and gain valuable insights across multiple Google Ads accounts. With its centralized view, efficient budget management, cross-account insights, and automated optimization features, Manage Account simplifies the complexities of managing diverse advertising campaigns.


By leveraging the capabilities of Google’s Manage Account, businesses and agencies can drive greater advertising success, achieve superior campaign performance, and make data-driven decisions to continually improve their advertising strategies. Embrace the power of Google’s Manage Account and unlock the full potential of your advertising efforts to thrive in the competitive digital landscape.